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International Relations: Journals

Library resources for students studying International Relations

Recommended journals and magazines

International relations
The British Journal of Politics & International Relations
European Journal of International Relations
Global Environmental Politics
Journal of Developing Societies
Journal of Conflict Resolution
International Migration Review
Journal on Migration and Human Security
Third World Quarterly
World Affairs

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Journals and magazines

What are journals?

Journals are academic magazines. Most of our journals are available online. A small number of titles, mainly more professionally focused magazines, are available in print.

Journals are

  • published daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly - therefore the material is up to date
  • generally the first place that scholarly research is published
  • often 'peer reviewed', this means that articles have been critically reviewed by experts prior to being published.

Searching for journal articles


  • ConnectedPapers
    Creates a visual map of published research, shows links between papers containing references. 5 free maps per month.
  • Elicit
    A free AI literature search tool using similar natural language searching  Displays and summarises relevant papers. See FAQ.
  • GoogleScholar
    Searches scholarly materials. Use Settings to select the Library Links to access content to which the UoG Library subscribes.
  • SemanticScholar
    Searches and retrieves scholarly publications based on the importance and relevance of cited papers using machine learning techniques.

Conference papers

What about conference proceedings?

This is a collection of research papers delivered at a conference or symposium. Proceedings are available both from UoG search tools such as Library Discovery, SCOPUS, as well from services like GoogleScholar and SemanticScholar.  

Library Discovery

Referencing journal articles

Using the Inter-Library Loan service

Article not in library?

Use the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service to obtain journal articles not held by the university. Primarily for final year undergrad students, postgrads, researchers or academics. Staff and students have an initial allocation of free requests. More information is available in the Guide to Inter-Library Loans